PE 2 Temp Gun
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PE 2 Temp Gun

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Our PE-2 Infrared Temp Gun is simply the best temp gun available - we use these guns through out our turtle and tortoise facilities every single day. The PE-2 adds a few more advanced features to our PE-1. The PE-2 has laser sighting, and is easily switch-able from Fahrenheit to Celsius. The PE-2 has a tight infrared "cone" distance to spot ratio of 6:1. That means at a distance of 6 inches, you are reading an area just 1 inch in diameter. At a distance of 2 feet, you are reading an area of just 4 inches.

Quickly and easily check your turtle or tortoise basking spots, water turtle surface temps, tortoise sleeping areas, and your entire tortoise habitat - all in just a few seconds.

In the beginning, (about 20 years ago) the same gun was much larger, and cost over 10 times more - but serious keepers all paid the price because the benefits were so important to successful Turtle and Tortoise keeping - now the price is affordable for everyone - and the guns are smaller than cell phones! Clearly a "no brainer"for anyone keeping Turtles or Tortoises.