PE 1 Temp Gun
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PE 1 Temp Gun

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We offer this PE-1 Temp Gun because we have tested and used it ourselves successfully. Please feel free to contact us for set up/ instructions and help.

The Pro Exotics PE-1 Infrared Temp Gun is the most affordable Temp Gun available, yet it maintains the same great accuracy and durability of the more expensive units. With a range of -27°F to +428°F (easily switchable to -33°C to +220°C) and MAX/MIN/LOCK modes, the PE-1 will meet the needs of 95% of users, professionals and hobbyists alike. The PE-1 unit comes preset with a default emissivity setting of 95E.

A great Temp gun, the PE-1 includes wrist strap, an extra battery, as well as a belt retractor.