Painted Wood Turtle
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Painted Wood Turtle, 4''

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The Painted Wood Turtle (Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima ) is by far the most colorful of all the wood turtles. This mostly terrestrial turtle is found in the humid forests and along the creeks and streams of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and southern Mexico. With adults reaching only 5 - 6 inches, Painted Wood Turtles are also the world's smallest wood turtles.

Often called Central American Ornate Wood Turtles, they are true omnivores, they love nearly all veggies & fruits - but will also chase down earth worms insects and even snails. Happy to try any new food item, our juveniles devour pellets, wigglers, small super worms and romaine lettuce.

Highly intelligent, Painted Wood Turtles are very outgoing and inquisitive, they become fearlessly tame and readily adapt to new environments. In nature, Painted Wood Turtles are facing serious threats from habitat destruction and being hit on road ways. Keepers of these very beautiful little turtles find them both fascinating and rewarding - and quickly become devoted fans.