Sulcata Tortoise,  24" (75 Lbs) Adult Male
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Sulcata Tortoise, 24" (75 Lbs) Adult Male

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Every once in a while we have an adult Sulcatta tortoise. The very large tortoises make excellent yard pets and do very well in warmer climates. Once the night time lows get into the 40s, these guys will need inside accommodations for the colder months. They are excellent diggers and love to make deep burrows. The walls of their pens must be tunnel proofed to 24 inches deep. Shipping is by airline only and a sturdy wood crate is needed for them to make the trip. Some extra expense and effort is needed to keep one or more of these impressive tortoises. Please inquire for availability. Males are priced lower than females. Their description and care is the same as for smaller sulcattas and follows:

Sulcatta tortoises, also called African spurred tortoises, originally came from hottest and driest regions of Northern Africa. Their importation ended in 2000, so nearly all available animals are captive born here in the US. Breeders now produce this species readily, and well started juvenile Sulcattas are relatively easy to work with. This species does best when kept in low humidity, but juveniles need more moisture and we soak ours twice a week in warm shallow water until they reach 8”(at about 4 - 6 years). Juveniles do best between 80 f - 90 f with warmer basking areas.

As adults, Sulcattas can grow to 24", and do best outdoors in warmer climates or in warmer months. Outdoor enclosures must afford shaded areas, and protection from predators. Daytime temperatures up to 103 f, and night time lows in the high 60s are fine for larger Sulcattas. Keepers in colder climates need to provide indoor enclosures once the warmer months end. Opaque fencing is recommended, along with lots of room. They enjoy provided shelters, or will even dig tunnels to escape the cold, or wet weather.

Sulcattas are eating machines and juveniles will graze on grasses, hay, and tortoise pellets mixed with veggies for hours at a time. Adults do well on mostly grasses; and all sizes enjoy dark leafy greens fruits and vegetables in moderation. Adult Sulcatta Ttortoises are a desert species and should never have a water bowl. Constant access to greens and short, shallow soakings (3 times a week for hatchlings, twice a week for yearlings and two year olds, and once each week for adults) is their source of hydration. A calcium supplement is an important part of their diet. Care must be taken to be sure that foods containing protein or too much phosphorus are avoided, and that colorful, non edible items are not with in reach. Sulcattas try to climb, and care must be taken to prevent them from flipping over.