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5" Breeding Size Female Russian Tortoise

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This Giant Female Russian Tortoise was born 10 years ago. She has always grown well - and has never stopped. Possibly one of the largest anywhere, she's well past the normal giant sized females that barely make it to 7 inches. She measures exactly 8.25 inches, she's a great feeder, very pretty, and will be a fantastic addition to any breeding colony. Her description and care is identical to that of normal adult sized Russian Tortoises - and follows:

Our adult Russian Tortoises are 4 -5 inch, 360 -420 gram young adults with nice coloration. These are excellent tortoises for air conditioned homes and for outdoor pens in cooler and drier climates. Fantastic diggers, Russian tortoises will make burrows very quickly. With a little set up planning, this size makes excellent pets; and are old enough to add to existing breeding projects.

Russian Tortoises (Testudo horsfieldi) are the smallest tortoise species commonly available to keepers. This makes them one of the most sought after...They are found in the green areas along the edges of rocky hillsides and deserts of south eastern Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because Russian Tortoises do best at the same temperatures and humidity levels that people prefer, they make ideal indoor, even“small apartment tortoises”for keepers. They have relentless, yet outgoing and friendly personalities. They learn to recognize their keepers, and stay quite small (males reach about 6 inches, and females just over 7 inches -after many years).

A great species for keepers just starting out, Russian Tortoises are one the easiest to care for, and quickly win the favor of their keepers.