Frequently Asked Question

1) Does Tortoise Source ship internationally?

With apologies, all of the world's tortoise species are protected under the CITES (Convention on Trade in Endangered Species)  which means they need special permits from the US Fish and Life service in order to be exported. The process obtaining these permits is so involved and lengthy that is simply not worth doing for a small number of tortoises.

2) Do the Tortoises need a water bowl?

No, reptiles do not need to have water everyday and do not need to have a water bowl inside of their habitat.

3) What temperature does the habitat need to be?

For the habitat, Basking temperatures should be from the mid 90s to high 90s degree Fahrenheit. The rest of the habitat should range between the mid 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

 4) What type of substrate is necessary for my tortoise, in the habitat?

For most species, we recommend people use regular mulch inside of their habitat but when it comes to species like Sulcatas, we have seen it is better to use Rabbit pellets.