About Us

We have been keeping and breeding Tortoises for over 40 years. From general species like Red Footed, Sulcata, and Greek Tortoises to rare and exotic species like Indian Star, Galapagos Island, and Radiated Tortoises we are hands-on producers of the finest animals available to the public. Therefore, we created the Tortoise Source to give keepers a place to confidently purchase top quality tortoises, while giving them the personal attention needed to be successful with their new animal.

Tortoises have specific needs for care, environment, and diet. Because of this, understanding these needs will give you decades of enjoyment with a precious part of nature from all corners of the world right in your home! Because of this, at the Tortoise Source our experience and expertise is at your disposal. We are here for you. Our general care sheets provide the basic information to get you started. Our staff if is ready to cover all of the details in between. We want you to be successful with your tortoise, and whether it’s a well-started hatchling or a seasoned adult we have the knowledge to help.

Remember, the Tortoise Source is not a distributor for someone else’s animals. We breed, produce, and care for the very tortoises we will ship to your door. This gives you the confidence to buy tortoises with unquestioned pedigree and history. Happy shopping and let us know how we can help. To learn more about Tortoises please check out this link here!