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Large Habitat Tortoise Starter Kit

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Yes, Green ! Finally, a nice, bright, natural looking Habitat for you and your Tortoises to enjoy. At over two and a half times the size of our medium Habitat - this larger enclosure will hold many different species of Tortoises though out their adult lifetimes

We've put together everything you need to keep medium or adult tortoises - in one package. The enclosure is made of super durable, first run plastic that will last you for decades - just like your tortoises. It's easy to clean, and it's UV resistant material is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It has a 3" high, two sided ramp giving your tortoises varied terrain, plenty of space and a more natural grass like wall color.

"Caribbean"green Habitat is the next level in Tortoise keeping. It's sides are 9" tall and are designed to keep breeding groups of Adult Russian Tortoises up to 7", Adult Hermans Tortoises up to 9" and even Breeder Indian Star Tortoises up to 11" and many other species - comfortably in these sturdy enclosures.

Each Large Tortoise Habitat comes complete with everything the beginning, or experienced tortoise keeper needs to maintain, and even breed groups of adult Tortoises - and it all unpacks and sets up in just 5 minutes.


  • Made from top of the line first run plastic


  • 55" x 24" x 9" Durable, Super Long Lasting Green Tortoise Habitat

  • Extra Fine Cypress Bedding

  • Powersun UVB/heat Light Bulb

  • 2 Aquasun Timers

  • Large Reptile Lamp Stand

  • Large 8.5" Porcelain Light Fixture

  • Reptical Calcium Supplement

  • Reptirock Tuff Plastic Feeding Bowls

  • Large Reptitherm Under Tank Heating Pad

  • Jumbo Tortoise Die